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Drainage Project


The Drainage Department of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation provides the necessary infrastructures to carry the sewerage from domestics and industrial establishments of the city to the treatment plants, treating it and then disposing it appropriately.


To provide a better Quality of life and to make Vadodara a self-reliant and sustainable city with all basic amenities, our commitment is for 100% coverage in terms of geographical areas and populations for the year 2021 by providing a comprehensive sewerage system by the end of December-2014.

Vadodara Municipal Corporation has prepared a Master Plan for comprehensive sewerage system (more than 1425 K.M. of sewers and 9 Sewage Treatment Works) to serve the domestics and commercial but also the industrial developments for the year 2021.

Wastewater generated form all this development is collected by a underground Drainage Network and Sewage Pumping Stations (APS) and conveyed to Sewerage Treatment Plants (STP) for Physical and Biological Treatment to meet the parameters prescribed by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board before discharge into nearest water course.

In the year 2001, total area of VMSS Limit was 108.00 sq.km. In this period 55 % area and 65 % of the present population have been covered with sewerage systems. As stated earlier increase in the VMSS limits from 108.00 Sq.km to 159.31 Sq.km the coverage of sewerage system after commissioning of laid gravity Network under Phase-I & Phase-II is going to increased, from 55% to 95% by Area and 65% to 93% by Population.


The functions of the Department include Planning, designing, estimating, tendering, executing and operating as well as maintaining the sewerage systems which consists of sewerage network, sewage pumping stations, sewage pumping mains, sewage treatment and effluent disposal works etc.

Scenario 2001 And 2014

Description Year - 2001 Year – 2014
Population 13.0 Lacs 18.0 Lacs
Municipal Area 108.0 Sq.K.M. 159.0 Sq.K.M.
Coverage of Drainage facility (area wise) 55% 95%
Coverage of Drainage facility (population wise) 65% 93%
Sewerage flow generated 192 MLD 354 MLD
Treatment capacity 106 MLD 276.5 MLD
Gravity line / Pressure line 500 K.M 1425 K.M.
Manholes 23380 28715
Sewage pumping Stations. 25 48

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