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Vadodara Municipal Corporation Brief Details of Existing, Ongoing and upcoming planning regarding ROBs, Flyovers and Underpass.

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  • Vadodara City is the Cultural Capital of Gujarat. The city shows rapid growth in the sectors of Education, Industrial, Infrastructural and Urbanization. City is divided in to two major parts due to Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Delhi B.G. Railway line and river Vishwamitri passing through the center of the city. Simultansly another N.G. line from jambusar to Vishwamitri and B.G. line of Vishwamitri-Pratapnagaar-chotaudepur divide the city from its western-central part to southern part of the city.
  • Experience of 2005 flood in the city and rapid vehicular growth due to development of the city leads to thouth of for the construction of more ROBs and Fly overs in the city.
  • In the year 2001, city having a facility of 3 Railway Overbridges and 14 River & Khadi bridges for access of the traffic in the city over the river and railway line.
  • Looking to the newly merged areas in the city, rapid overall growth and increased traffic volume, VMSS carried out traffic survey of the city through M/s. RITES Ltd. RITES prepared a traffic survey for Vadodara City i.e. Intigreted Public Transit System (IPTS) in the year 2007. RITES also suggested in the report for various long term and short term measures to reduce traffic problems in the city. SREI Ltd., in the year 2012 submitted Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) for the city.
  • As per the recommendations given in the reports of RITES & SREI and comparing it to rapid growth of the traffic in the city, in last 5 years, VMSS initiated the different ROB works approximatly of Rs. 300 crores. Starting from 2007 VMSS complete the projects of about Rs. 175 crores i.e. 2 Khadi Bridges, 4 Railway Overbridges i.e. at Vadsar, Navayard, Jetalpur and at Lalbaug. Widening of Urmi School and Mangleshwer Bridge, and a Fly Over at Amitnagar Junction connecting Ahmedabad Express way. Completion of there projects serves the city with easy and safe Transportaion with Establishment of new links, increse in commerce as well as reduce traffic congesation, reduce consumption and improvement in the environment of the city.
  • At the juncture of 2012-13, after completion of above works the status is total 28 ROB/RUB/FOB compare to 14 ROB/RUB in 2001-02.
  • Moreover the completed works, ongoing works of ROB are also in progress i.e. Soma talav and Kalali Railway Overbridge new linking bridge over river vishwamitri connecting Atladra Manjalpur area. These may be completed by Dec. 2013 establish new link as well as traffic easy in the city with an expenditure of Rs. 110 crores.