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Pavagadh is a small but tall mountain about 46 kilometers away from Vadodara. The history of the religious and historic mountain is linked with Patai Raval. It is said that the king Vanaraj Chavada established Champaner at the, foot of Pavagadh in fond memory of his wise minister Champa. The Patai Raval family ruled it and took care of the boundary. The folk tales say that the Mahakali joined the Garba ' (The traditional Gujarati group dance) assuming the form of a woman during the Navaratra festival. There is the Mahakali seat at the top of the hill. The last Patai Jaisinh saw the beautiful lady and threw nasty looks at her. The deity cursed him. Read More..


It is an ancient fort located at the foothills of pavagadh. The town Derives its name from the champa tree or from champaraj - founder of the Town, a contemporary of king vanraj chavda of anhilwada. The entire Landscape for miles around is scattered with remains of fort walls, ruined Tombs, gardens, arches, pillars, and wells. Champaner reminds the visitor Of other such great deserted towns of india - mandu , hampi, orchha and Fatehpur sikri. Read More..

Wadhwana Lake

Wadhwana is a small hamlet located about 50 kms. from Vadodara. The route goes from Vadodara through Dabhoi to Wadhwana. It has a huge lake with about 2km radius. There are watchtowers placed at 1 km intervals on the periphery of the lake. Forest dept. has deputed personnel with fairly good knowledge about the local flora & fauna. Surprisingly, they even have a good quality Celestron telescope for the visitors (human) to gaze through. Read More..