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Water Tankers

In certain special cases when the potable water is contaminated or the pressure is not enough, the fire brigade provides water tankers to the water supply dept. for providing free water to the required affected areas.

Charges of providing water tankers :

Marriage purpose Domestic purpose Construction purpose
Tanker Without Pump Rs.200/- Rs.100/- Rs.400/-
Tanker With Pump Rs.300/- Rs.250/- Rs.500/-
Providing water in water tank Rs.250/- Per Tanker.

Tankers with & without pumps for temples, mosque, religious places, public roads, Rally etc.

Tanker provided at a concessional rate of 50 %.

  • Providing water tanker outside municipal boundary for 4 hrs. only. Rs.1500/-.
  • Waiting charge for every additional / hours. Rs. 400/-.