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Pavagadh is a small but tall mountain about 46 kilometers away from Vadodara. The history of the religious and historic mountain is linked with Patai Raval. It is said that the king Vanaraj Chavada established Champaner at the, foot of Pavagadh in fond memory of his wise minister Champa. The Patai Raval family ruled it and took care of the boundary. The folk tales say that the Mahakali joined the Garba ' (The traditional Gujarati group dance) assuming the form of a woman during the Navaratra festival. There is the Mahakali seat at the top of the hill. The last Patai Jaisinh saw the beautiful lady and threw nasty looks at her. The deity cursed him. As a result of that curse, the emperor of Gujarat, Muhammad Begda assaulted Pavagadh and won over the hill on the boundary.

Guidance :

Patai was defeated and assassinated. Muhammad Begda shifted his capital from Ahmedabad to Champaner for some time because of some diplomatic reasons. He developed the town and constructed some very nice places. The fort of Champaner, Uohra mosque, Mandavi, Kirtistambh, Jama Masjid, Nagina Mosque and Kevda Mosque are few of them. The remains of the Palace of Begda are still found near Vad Talav (Banyan Pond) two kilometers away from Champaner.

The great music maestro of I6th century and Tansen's contemporary rival Baiju Bawra belonged to Champaner Pavagadh has a height of about 800 metres. IC is one of the important pilgrimages of Kali. The bus service has been extended up to Machi. The remains of Raval Palace still exist at Machi. There are rest houses, holiday homes and small hotels at Machi. Then comes Teliya Talav and Dudhia Talau The temple of Kali is at the height of 550 metres. Now-a-days the rope-way facility has been made available to the tourists to reach the temple. About 250 steps have to be climbed from there. A little above the Kali Temple there is Sadanshah Pir Dargah. There are numerous tales, songs and dramas knitting the story of Patai Raval. The scholars and historians may accept it or not, but the people believe it as part of the history. Pavagadh is the gateway to Panchmahals. It is the area of the tribals and the backward people. The government has taken special care for the Pudhio Tolov – Pavagadh development of the area, It has granted many concessions and offered subsidies to the new industries coming up in this area.

As a result of it, Halol and Kalol near Pavagadh have turned into a virtual industrial estate. Dhabadungari, a nearby place has a very nice temple. The locations of hilly areas around Halol provide a very good sight. A film studio at Halol has this added advantage.

On the eastern side, the Rangpur Ashram run by Mr. Harivallahh Parikh is busy with the activities for the upliftment of the local tribals. The manganese mines of Shivrajpur have stopped excavation and there is production these days. There are plenty of minerals in the Ambadungar across Chhota Udepur town. Godhra is the capital town of Panchmahals district. It was an important centre during the Moghul and Maratha pericxi. North of Godhra is Devgadhbaria and Dohad, the tribal and forest belt. The forests are not as dense as before.

There the beast sanctuary at the Devgadhharia is an old princely state and a beautiful town, Dohad is almost at the border of central India and also a tinny trade centre. Educational institutions and colleges for higher education have now been established in Dabhoi, Sankheda, Halol, Chhota-Udepur, fodeli, Godhra Devgadhbaria, Dohad, Lunawada, Santrampur, etc. Marker places for the products of forests and industrial units have also been developed at these towns. Lunawada, another princely state is in the north of Godhra, but it has lost its old glory. Ratanpur is to the Mommad Begdo. south of Godhra, via Venganpur. It is known for its splendid temple built with two types of stones, a number of sculptures and a beautiful arch. It was build in the l4th century. On the main highway there are streams of hot water. Then there are stone varities near Timba. By crossing Mahi River, we enter into the Kheda district.