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Objectives and innovative plans for Solid Waste Management of Vadodara City:

  • To create a system of storage of waste and segregation of recyclable waste at source.
  • improve system of primary collection of waste.
  • To plan more efficient system of day to day cleaning, conventional and mechanical.
  • To plan system to eliminate practices of throwing garbage on the road causing nuisance & health threat.
  • To modernize the system of community waste storage & synchronize the system of primary collection as well as transportation of waste.
  • To carry out regular cleaning of roads/streets along with night cleaning of main roads and
    micro cleaning by mechanical sweeper machines.
  • To strengthen effective & timely collection of garbage directly from the door step.
  • To improve the system of transportation of waste by ensuring "handling waste only once".
  • To construct elevated transfer station at “Atladara”.
  • To ensure safe disposal of waste including bio-medical wastes.
  • To do institutional strengthening.
  • To have public participation.
  • To effect cost recovery.