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o Reproductive and Child Health (RCH)


• Urban Reproductive and child Health Programme:

The provision of assured and credible primary health services of acceptable quality in urban areas has emerged as a priority for both the central and the state government in view of the increasing urbanization and growth of slums and low income population in the cities. The focus till now had been on the development of a rural health system having three tier health delivery structures. While on the other hand, no specific efforts had been made to create a well-organized health service delivery structure in urban areas especially for poor people living in slums. RCH indicators of urban slums are worse than the urban average. Recognizing the seriousness of the problem the Government of India has identified “Urban Health” as one of the thrust areas in the Tenth Five Year Plan; National Population Policy-2000; National Health Policy-2002 and the forthcoming 2nd phase of the RCH Program.


Goal of Urban Health Program will be to improve the health status of the urban poor community by provision of quality primary health care services. Main focus will be on minimum requirement of strategies/actions to reduce Total Fertility Rate (TFR), Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR), Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), aim at improving the Couple Protection Rate (CPR) and the immunization coverage (full immunization) as well as provide for a basic services package that needs to be initiated/ strengthened for achieving all of above.


• Family Planning Program:

Family Planning Program started in India Since 1951-52 to Control Population in 70’s, Gov. had enforced on permanent method only Vadodara Corporation had implemented F.P. Program in 1968.


• Services Provided:

1. Mother
         A. ANC.

  •          - Registration
  •          - 3check up
  •          - Providing IFA Tablets to Pregnant & Lactating mother.
  •          - Providing Health Services to Anaemic Mother
  •          - Providing referred Services to High Risk Mother


         B. Delivery.

  •          - Delivery by Trained Birth Attendant
  •          - To increase institutional Delivery


         C. PNC.

  •          - Minimum 3 Check up
  •          - New born Care
  •          - Referral Service to High Risk new born children


         D. Providing Healthy Services for Unwanted Pregnancy.


         E. Providing Services for RTI/STI.



2. Child Health Services

  •          - Immunisation against T.B., Diphtheria, Pertusis, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis-B, and Measles.
  •          - Supplementation of IFA and Vitamin-A
  •          - Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI)
  •          - ORS Distribution



3. Family Planning Services

  •          - Male/Female Sterilisation
  •          - IUD insertion
  •          - Oral Contraceptive Pill distribution
  •          - Nirodh distribution



4. Registration of Live birth and Death

  •          - Vaccine Preventable Dieses, ARI, Diarrhoea
  •          - RTI/STI Cases
  •          - Infant & Pregnant Mother Death Registration