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o Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis and PMDT
(Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis).

RNTCP views the treatment of MDR-TB patients as a “Standard of Care “issue. Recognizing that the treatment of MDR-TB cases is very complex, the treatment will follow the internationally recommended PMDT guidelines and will be done in designated RNTCP DOTS Plus sites. DOTS Plus site for Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan is SSG Hospital, Vadodara. This programme is implemented since February 2010.

HIV testing of all the TB patients is now mandatory and all the HIV positive patients have to be provided CPT till the TB treatment. Also the ART Therapy is to be initiated to all the TB Patients who are HIV Positive irrespective of the CD4 count.

TB – Tobacco National Pilot Project
This project has been implemented in VMSS since October-2010 as National pilot project where all the TB patients consuming tobacco in any form are been councelled to give up the tobacco use during the TB treatment and are followed up monthly for counseling.

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