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Immunization is one of the most cost effective public health interventions available. Immunization services in Vadodara Municipal Corporation area are provided by network of UHCs, Anganwadis, Private Practitioners, NGOs, Government and Trust hospitals. There are total 20 UHCs and around 300 Anganwadis which mainly provides immunization services in especially slum areas of VMSS.


For Immunization activities each of UHCs is containing more or less same staff pattern like 1 Medical Officer, 1 Pharmacist (for cold chain management), 1 LHV, 2 or more ANMs, with the supporting staff like CLV, Anganwadi worker and Anganwadi helper which is usually situated in field where Outreach sessions are carried out.


Immunization activities in Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan are carried out under Universal Immunization Programme (UIP). Under this programme Corporation provides free of cost vaccination the beneficiaries. (i.e. the pregnant women and the children.) To reduce the Infant mortality and morbidity they are protected by BCG, Hepatitis B (birth dose), OPV, Pentavalent, Measles, DPT (booster dose), and Vitamin A, while the pregnant mothers are protected from Tetanus by Inj. Tetanus toxoid. This department also organizes the Pulse Polio Immunization Programme which is also known as a ‘National Immunization Day’ and “Sub-National Immunization Day”. During this activity all the children below 5 years of age including newborns receives the two drops of life that is the Oral Polio Vaccine. Anti Rabies Vaccine especially as Post Exposure Prophylaxis which prevents the 100 % Fatal Rabies Disease is also provide Free of cost by this Unit.

Outreach – door step health activities in slum & slum like areas