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Strength of Staff and Schedule

Looking to resent development, newly merged area in the city and rapid increased in traffic scienario, VMSS identified and planned 11 projects with todays cost of @ 643 crore with new Bridges, Fly Overs, Widening of existing bridges, Underpass etc. for easy, safe and free flow of traffic which definately leads the city towards better growth and development. The proposed planning of the works looking to 2030 is as under.

Sr No. Plan Projection for Year 2030 Estimated Cost(Rs. in Crore)
A River Overbridge
1 Vishwamitri River Bridge on 30.0 mt. Road line from Sama to Harni. 19.00
2 Widening of Vishwamitri River Bridge Near Vadsar Land Fill Site on 40.0 mt. Ring Road. 12.00
3 Widening of Vishwamitri River Bridge Near Kashiba Children Hospital. 12.00
Total A 43.00
B Railway Overbridge
1 Widening of Vishvamitri Railway Over Bridge. 40.00
2 Widening of Shastri Over Bridge near Pandya Hotel. 35.00
Total B 75.00
C Road Fly Overbridge
1 Fly Over Bridge on Makarpura-Sushain Junction on 40.0 mt. Ring Road. 45.00
2 Fly Over Bridge on 40.0 mt. Ring Road at Tarsali junction. 45.00
3 Elevated Road Over Bridge from Genda circle to Manisha Chowkdi. 300.00
4 Fly Over Bridge on 40.0 mt. Ring Road at Vrundavan junction. 45.00
5 Fly Over Bridge at Sangam junction Karelibaugh. 45.00
6 Fly Over Bridge at Maharani Shantadevi Hospital Junction. 45.00
Total C 525.00
Total A+B+C 643.00